Amy Bennett, PCP

EverWind Terminals Canada Partnership – Cleveland, NS

Amy Bennett is a payroll professional who knows that to everything there is a season.

Born and raised in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Amy and her family enjoy traveling the nooks and crannies of the island via every mode of transportation. They enjoy exploring Bras D’or Lake on their speed boat in summer, drive to the Ceilidh Coastal Trail, with its spectacular views, in the spring; in the autumn they pivot to seeing the island’s beauty by 4-wheeler, and in winter, they use snowmobiles. “We make the most of every season,” she says. “It’s a busy life, but a good life.”

Included in her good life is Amy’s role as the Administration Specialist for EverWind Terminals Canada Partnership in nearby Point Tupper, Nova Scotia. EverWind very recently acquired NuStar Terminals, the oil and gas handling facility where Amy has worked for 21 years. The new owner plans to turn the space into a green hydrogen production facility. 

The change in ownership brought an immediate change in technology, and a new season for Amy’s payroll career. Amy said she was reminded of the significance of her payroll responsibilities when the changeover was implemented. “I pay people and I pay the bills,” she notes, adding that she told management, “You might want to make sure that my computer gets up and running first. There are about 69 employees who need to be paid.”

Amid the transition, Amy was tasked with implementing a new payroll system, something which came with initial apprehension. “We had to get new payroll and accounting software up and running within six weeks. I knew how much of a responsibility it was,” she said. But her payroll expertise and experience soon calmed her nerves. “As I dug into the implementation project, I thought ‘Oh, I’ve got this’. This is exactly what I trained for.”

 Her ability to pivot amid an ever-changing environment serves her well in payroll.  “I like how payroll is ever-changing,” she says. “You’ll never know all of it — there’s always something new to learn. And it affects every single working person.” 

Payroll is a critical component of her company’s business success and wellness, she says. “I was able to guide my company at a really critical time of change,” she says, noting that prioritizing employees’ payroll during a transitional time built employee confidence. “What I do really matters. I feel kind of important.”

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