Amy Crowe, PCP

Kal Tire – Vernon, BC

Amy Crowe is a payroll professional and a study in contrasts. She simultaneously likes continuity but seeks out change. She likes to be home while craving adventure. This contrast, which plays out in her career and professional life, became very clear when Amy was in her 20s.

Her parents had moved to British Columbia from Nova Scotia when she was seven years-old. A decade or so later, Amy decided she needed to see what lay between the two oceans she had lived near. So, she and a friend spent 35 days in a 1977 Dodge driving through every province from B.C. to Newfoundland. “It was drive, park and sleep,” Amy says. “Each province had its own surprises. I loved the sand dunes in Saskatchewan and the underground caves we explored with flashlights in Ontario. In Quebec City, we were under a bridge and came across an acrobat. It was amazing.”

Amy has continued exploring, travelling to spots as diverse Alaska and Las Vegas, while being sure to return to Nova Scotia each summer. This love of both finding the new as well as returning to the familiar, is mirrored in her love of payroll.

She is currently the Payroll and Benefits team lead for Kal Tire in Vernon, B.C. While originally planning to pursue bookkeeping, seven years ago she got a job at a hotel, where she was doing both bookkeeping and payroll; the latter of which ultimately won her affection.

“I fell in love,” she explains with a twinkle in her eye. “In payroll, we’re ground hog day – every two weeks, we do the same thing. But at the same time, it’s always a moving process. When I turn on the computer, there’s something new each day. Every employee’s story is different.”

Both her career and personal life fulfill Amy’s divergent tastes. She loves Vernon, a larger, busier community, but lives 15 minutes away from awe inspiring lakes and breathtaking scenery.

“It’s a beautiful place to live,” she says, adding that her active streak comes with practical limits. “I love adventure but I’m not going to climb the mountain or scale a rock wall.”

With the pandemic receding, she is planning a European vacation to fulfil her ever-present wanderlust. And that 1977 Dodge? “It’s still sitting in my yard,” she adds with a smile filled with fond memories.

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