Estelle Boudreault, PPQ

Promutuel Portneuf-Champlain – Quebec City, QC

Estelle Boudreault is a payroll professional with an exceptional dedication to customer service, a passion for people and a strong appetite for adventure. After ten months of English immersion in western Canada on her own dime, this Charlevoix native decided to study accounting techniques in Saint-Hyacinthe. Once she had finished her studies, Estelle chose to stay closer to her family by moving to Quebec City.   

It was her second job that would turn out to be her most rewarding experience to date in her career in payroll. Estelle started out in that job as an accounting technician at a rapidly expanding company. In her five years of service, she learned to provide payroll services for over 1000 employees in multiple countries, including Canada, the United States, France, Brazil, India, Belgium and Ireland. She also improved her English skills while getting to know more about the cultures of her employer’s various international employees. Her manager at the time had great confidence in Estelle, and allowed her to choose the projects she was most interested in. For Estelle, that meant payroll processing. That same manager also strongly encouraged her to get a designation from the National Payroll Institute. 

“I had good luck and certain doors were opened to me, but I also put in a lot of personal effort. I had a real drive to succeed by doing quality work,” she recalls. She’s proud of the career she’s built for herself, and after 10 years, she’s now working for the Réseau de Transport de la Capitale (RTC).  

In her role, Estelle ensures that employees are paid in accordance with all applicable laws. She does research when needed to deal with unfamiliar situations, and stays up to date on changes to the law. “Making sure that everyone is paid correctly and providing good service are an important foundation for helping to retain our employees. Minimizing the financial stress that can result from payroll errors is also good for the company’s financial health, since it helps to reduce the training costs that come with higher turnover. That’s all the more important with the labour shortages we’re seeing nowadays,” she points out. 

Estelle also likes to keep busy outside of her professional life. She loves the outdoors, and enjoys snowboarding and paddleboarding in her free time. She’s also a big fan of country music and attends lots of music festivals. 

On top of all that, another of her favourite pastimes is couponing. She regularly looks out for specials in store circulars and shares lots of great deals with friends and family. She knows the value of different products. She’s constantly comparing prices and watching for opportunities to save big. “Payroll and couponing are all about numbers. It’s just something I really love,” she explains.  

Estelle is a great example of how multifaceted the people of payroll can be. With her warm and altruistic personality, she was known to her colleagues from her previous job as “that nice event organizer from payroll”, since she would organize and manage social events for the team to celebrate her coworkers’ birthdays. “I’ve made lifelong friends in my career in payroll,” says Estelle.  

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