Jessie Guevremont, PCP

Conservatoire de Musique et D’Art Dramatique du Québec – Laval, QC

Jessie Guevremont is a payroll professional with a rather atypical background. She started her career in payroll in an unusual way. After earning her vocational diploma in secretarial studies in 2001, she was hired by an HR director for a pharmacy chain in the Quebec City region. She was approached to replace the person in charge of payroll during their vacation. She agreed, and decided to stay in payroll for good after her temporary assignment was over.    

For Jessie, payroll is more than just numbers. “I like payroll because it’s connected to human resources. Payroll always has a link to different stages in our employees’ lives – the start of their career, the birth of a child, and separations and retirements. You’ve really got this unique connection with the lives of the employees whose payroll you’re managing, and discretion is essential,” she explains.

What Jessie is most proud of is having started at the bottom as a secretary on her way to becoming an HR and payroll director. She’s accepted every project that’s been assigned to her – and Jessie’s hard work and perseverance have paid off. In 2015, she earned her Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) certification from the National Payroll Institute. She also finished her bachelor’s degree in 2021 after several years of part-time studies.   

Following a major life change, she left her hometown of Quebec City to move to the Montreal region two years ago. She adores her new adopted city of Laval. As an unapologetic suburbanite, she loves the quality of life in her new city, and enjoys meeting new people from all over the world.   

This move was a bit of a gamble for Jessie, but one that has more than paid off, as she’s found both love and a dream job in Laval. Her job at the Conservatoire de musique et d’art dramatique du Québec allows her to manage the needs of the next generation of musical and theatrical talent. “Healthy payroll management is an essential element in a company’s overall financial health. It also enables companies to stay competitive, and to ensure that we’ve got the right resources in the right places. Not only that, it helps to build staff loyalty and allows us to work together toward improving the services we offer: a unique educational experience for future musicians, performers and creators,” she says.   

Jessie’s personal and professional path has been all about getting outside of her comfort zone and venturing into the unknown. Having started from the bottom rung, she now feels ready and confident as she looks to the future. “My work in payroll is near and dear to my heart. I hope to continue in this career for a long time. I like it when people can trust their employer, and my team and I put in whatever time it takes to be sure that everything is perfect in every payroll period.” 

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