Levy Bay, CPM

Legislative Assembly Service of Saskatchewan – Regina, SK

Levy Bay is a payroll professional whose strong mother and deep faith taught him to appreciate life and serve his community. 

Levy is one of seven children raised by a single mother. “She made sure that every single one of her kids got an education,” says Levy, adding that his mother’s faith and resilience is a constant source of inspiration. “She jokes that she is building her own community. She says she only had seven kids, but acquired seven more in the way of in-laws. She now has 20 grandkids and counting.” 

Levy graduated from the University of Regina in 2008 with a BA, majoring in combined business and economics. He began his career working as a payroll administrator for a francophone school board in Regina in 2009, then changed jobs and became a finance administrator with Hope’s Home, a non-profit providing care for children with complex medical needs. 

In 2013, he earned his PCP. “It was always my community that encouraged me to keep going,” he says, noting that it was his supervisor at the time who encouraged him to pursue his CPM, which he achieved in 2018. For the past six years, Levy has served as the Manager of Payroll and Benefits for the Legislative Assembly Service of Saskatchewan. One of the reasons he loves his job, he says, is the privilege he feels in serving the province and his community. 

Levy and his team of three are responsible for payroll and benefits for the Legislative Assembly Service, Members of the Legislative Assembly, Constituency Assistants, Caucus Offices, and the Officers of the Legislative Assembly and their employees. He ensures accountability, accuracy and adherence to policy and legal requirements for over 400 employees. “Payroll is very sensitive – you are dealing with people’s livelihoods and this is a tremendous responsibility.” 

One notable aspect of managing payroll for a legislative assembly is the change in staffing that accompanies elections; shifts in political representation mean that the clients he serves are continually changing.  However, Levy is the constant – regardless of staff changes that occur due to elections, all employees are paid and their benefits administrated accurately and on time. He feels lucky to have this role; it is an extension of his commitment to community service. “Assisting the overall wellness of the legislature ultimately serves the entire province of Saskatchewan,” he proudly notes. 

Levy’s passion for helping others extends beyond his professional life. As a devout person, Levy is a family man and proud father. He is deeply involved in his church, volunteering as an assistant pastor and choir member. A former college basketball player turned referee, he also coaches community basketball. “The ability to help people, whether that’s through my profession or via my community involvement is very fulfilling and rewarding,” he beams.  

“I appreciate everything I have been given and try to be the best man and member of society that I can be.”   

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