Rhoma Clet, PCP

Kicking Horse Coffee Co. – Invermere, BC

Rhoma Clet is a payroll professional who makes an international impact.  

Originally from the Philippines, Rhoma now works for Kicking Horse Coffee Co. Ltd., in Invermere, B.C., where her payroll responsibilities span Canada and the United States.  

“Trying to manage payrolls across two countries and integrating Italian International assignees compensation with Canadian payroll at one time is very complex,” says Rhoma, adding that five years ago Kicking Horse was acquired by Italy-based Lavazza Group. Not only does she have to comply with rules and legislation from different jurisdictions within Canada, but she also has to observe those of different countries as well. “It’s complicated and I have to keep learning from the National Payroll Institute.” 

In 2008, Rhoma was working for Delta Airlines in the Philippines and was applying for a new job to expand her impact. She was offered two at once: a flight attendant for a different airline or a front desk position at a resort at Fairmont Hot Springs in British Columbia. “It was a no-brainer to pick Canada,” she says, adding that in her four years with the hotel, she moved from the front desk into the accounting office.  

Then, three years ago, Rhoma advanced at Kicking Horse to work in payroll, benefits and accounts payable. Within a few months, the focus of her job changed and she became the Payroll and Benefits Specialist. With her new title, she took on more payroll responsibilities; she’s involved in setting up the annual payroll model and does forecasting and budgeting for the company. She also helped implement and set up the new payroll software for the company’s flagship Café, which will be opening soon in Invermere. 

“I’m blessed! I love my job,” says Rhoma, adding that the strategic work she does allows the company to support employee health and wellness. “The payroll forecasting and budgeting that I do is important to my company’s success. I provide data that helps decision makers understand the cost and impact of employee benefits, which helps them plan for the future,” says Rhoma. says Rhoma. “We want to ensure our people feel taken care of wherever they are in the world.” 

Her payroll career, much like her life in the Rockies, leaves her feeling taken care of too. “After work, I can go outside and take a breath of real fresh air,” she says, noting that she also loves running and hiking in the nearby area, as well as soaking in the hot springs. 

Even so, she’s not done expanding her impact. Rhoma is enrolled in the National Payroll Institute’s Certified Payroll Management program. “It’s so exciting!” she says, adding that she wants to stay with Kicking Horse, and plans to become a payroll manager.  

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