Tania Côté, CPM

COVEO – Jonquière, QC

Tania Côté is an ambitious payroll professional who loves to take on new challenges. After completing her DEC in Accounting and Management Techniques in 2012, she started her career with an accounting internship.   

Born in Quebec City, Tania has family roots in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region. After her father’s death in 2011, she went through a period of deep introspection, including extensive contemplation about her career direction. Having worked as a hairstylist for four years, she decided to switch to working with numbers – a longtime passion of hers. Ambitious by nature, Tania was looking for a challenge that would allow her to make use of her intellectual abilities.  

After her internship in 2012, she started her career at Eurofins EnvironeX as an accounting technician. The company then went through a significant expansion, leading Tania to specialize in payroll instead of accounts payable. Over the past ten years, her career has evolved from an internship to a role as an accounting technician, and eventually to her current position as paymaster. “This kind of work calls for an analytical personality. Numbers just speak to me. But it also requires communication abilities so that we can explain our work to other teams,” she adds.   

In terms of her studies, Tania has been no slouch either. Her motivation and desire to go beyond her own limits led her to discover the National Payroll Institute through online research. She completed her Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) certification in 2017. This year, she earned her title as a certified payroll manager. These two certifications opened new doors for her, including her new role as a payroll manager for COVEO. Working remotely, she manages a team of two employees – one in Quebec City and one in Montreal. “I want to build a solid career around payroll. I’m confident in my ability to keep taking on new challenges,” she says.  

Her role allows her to help managers in other departments with the performance of their respective teams. “It’s important to have appropriate monitoring and accounting of employee salaries so that our financial statements and tax slips are correct. We also have to help the company stay compliant in terms of laws and regulations,” she explains.  

The pandemic gave Tania the opportunity to go back to her roots while looking ahead to the future. After getting married in Las Vegas, she and her wife moved back to Saguenay and bought a home. Tania separates her professional workspace from the rest of the house. She has a dedicated office in the basement of her home. Her wife has also changed careers by taking part in an accelerated program to become a patient care attendant.  

Despite all these changes in her life, Tania maintains her creativity by supporting the dramatic arts. Her artistic side takes flight through her passion for musicals. She and her wife regularly go out to see theatre, ballet and opera performances.

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